Aware4Duty: Cognitive screening software to measure impairment and fatigue

According to the National Safety Council, 69% of employees are tired at work. Fatigue can affect performance, and in high-risk activities, mistakes can be fatal. It only takes a minute to gain peace-of-mind that your team has arrived at the job site fit for duty. The Aware4Duty app is a simple, cognitive test that assesses alertness. It improves safety and efficiency by identifying risks before they become incidents.Aware4Duty Product


Aware4Duty is a scientifically proven, non-invasive, game-like assessment taken via an app on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The score quickly identifies potential impairment from fatigue, medication, illness, extreme stress or substance abuse. The focus is on the level of impairment rather than the cause of impairment, removing judgement from management and potential opposition from the workforce.


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