No Smartphones, No Problem

Contact tracing and social distancing reminder wearables



The GoBand Wearable is a cost-effective, standalone contact recording and social distance reminder wearable. Waterproof, lightweight and comfortable to wear, the GoBand is gives vibration and LED alerts to remind workers to maintain their distance. Each device stores up to 20,000 contact records incase a trace needs to be performed. Easily assign devices as required to not only employees, but guests, contractors and patrons - ensuring your business can quickly determine who may be at risk after a positive COVID-19 test.


GoClip goclip image

The GoClip device also provides social distancing (vibration and LED) and stores contact trace records. As opposed to the GoBand, the GoClip can also be used with GoAware Apps- allowing organizations to use these in mixed app and device environments. GoClip devices have the option to be intrinsically safe zone 2, where that standard is required.


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